Community House is based on the principle of collaboration...

The concept that while not-for-profit organisations are different, we are working towards the same end (a healthy, vibrant, inclusive community), and that this is better achieved by working together, sharing resources, and supporting each other.

Community House Whanganui provides the following services and support to its member groups, as well as to a host of other local and regional not-for-profit groups (educational institutions, sports teams, cultural groups, churches, interest groups etc).

ADMINISTRATION SERVICES: accounts, payroll, help with funding applications etc for not-for-profit organisations.

COM CHAT: we produce and distribute the ComChat newsletter to community organisations.

DATABASE ENQUIRIES: we hold and maintain a database of local and regional community organisations, halls for rent etc.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: we regularly provide assistance in directing people in emergency situations to appropriate organisations, as well as answer database and other enquiries from the community.

STATIONERY SERVICES: we are also able to provide stationery and services such as photocopying, laminating and binding etc, to community organisations at reasonable rates.

RIDGWAY CONFERENCE ROOM: we have a self-service training and meeting room equipped with projector, OHP, whiteboard etc, with its own kitchen and toilet facilities. It is suitable for small and large groups (seats up to 80 theatre style or 40 at tables) and is available for hire evenings and weekends, as well as between normal business hours.


  • Photocopying (Black & White)

A4—Single Sided......10c

A4-Double Sided......15c

A3-Single Sided......20c

A3-Double Sided......30c


  • Photocopying (Colour)

A4 Single Sided......$1.00

A4 Double Sided......$2.00

A3 Single Sided......$2.00

A3 Double Sided......$4.00


  • Laminating




  • Binding

Spiral Binding......$2.20

(Includes Cover & Backing)


  • Admin Services Neg.


  • Copying, collating and folding newsletters etc

- Copying rates as above


  • Faxing

Local Free