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June 2024 Com.Chat

There is a certain nip in the air, the fires and heaters are now kicking into action…Brrr….

March 2024 Com.chat

Community House Whanganui wishes to acknowledge this 250th issue of Com.Chat.

December 2023 Com.Chat

December 2023 Com.Chat Here we are at approximately 3 weeks till Christmas and just about the end of the year.

October 2023 Com.Chat

What happened to the spring weather we were having?¬† The recent wind and rain…

September 2023 Com.Chat

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sneak peak of what spring has to offer for us…

August 2023 Com.Chat

I have been working part-time in the office of Community House since…

July 2023 Com.Chat

Winter is here!!¬† Hope everyone is well and keeping themselves dry and warm in this miserable weather…