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60 Ridgway St, Whanganui 4500 (06) 347 1084 manager@communityhouse.org.nz

PARS - Prisoners Aid & Rehabilitation Service Trust

Prisoners Aid &Rehabilitation Service Trust (PARS) work in New Zealand had its beginnings in Dunedin in 1877 and spread to the major centres by the turn of the century.

Our local Prisoners Aid & Rehabilitation Society for the Wanganui District began in 1967.

Our Mission Statement; ‘Supporting offenders and their families’.

This above statement hasn’t really changed over the years and the services we offer come in many forms covering assistance to find suitable and sustainable accommodation, wrap around support in the community where needed, support with physical/mental/emotional wellbeing.

Our clients range from:-

People held in custody – both when sentenced and on remand

People recently released from custody

Other offenders and people charged with offences

Family/whanau of people in the above categories

We aim to treat everyone equally, with respect and understanding of cultural differences.

Criminal behaviour affects not only the immediate victim but also the offender, their family/whanau and the community as a whole. All individuals need to be responsible for their actions and the consequences.

Where you can find us: Room 103, Community House, 60 Ridgway Street, P O Box 128 Wanganui.

Phone – (06) 3455 969.

Email – admin@prisonersaid.co.nz

Our office hours: Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm.